Attack of the Hot Pants

What’s the first thing you do when you find out your lover has taken another? Pour wasabi sauce on her jeans, push her to the ground, then smack her in the eyes with the tainted jeans? That is exactly what John McGuinness of Massachusetts is being charged with.

The college student is facing criminal charges after admitting he assaulted his girlfriend with a pair of jeans covered in wasabi sauce, an attack that the man claims was prompted when “some guy she slept with in school was texting her.”

After receiving a text from McGuinness stating he was throwing her jeans outside (apparently she left his house sans pants the last time she was there), she arrived at McGuinness’ home, where he “came out to the driveway with my jeans covered in wasabi sauce.”

She told cops that McGuinness “had my jeans by the waist and whipped me in the face with them. I got wasabi sauce in my eyes and they were burning and I couldn’t see.”

McGuinness, a Springfield College student, then tossed wasabi sauce inside the woman’s car. The victim told officers that after McGuinness threw her to the ground, she got back into her car and retrieved a bottle of water, which she used to flush her eyes.

Cops noted that the passenger side of the woman’s 2007 Toyota Camry “was covered in wasabi sauce.” The victim, whose clothing was covered in dirt stains,  had “visible red marks on her neck area” and “her right eye was visibly red and swollen.”


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