Big Bucks for Old Computer

Hoarding could pay off big. Keep that in mind as you are tripping over piles of your parent’s treasures, or perhaps even your own. A hoarder finds value in just about EVERYTHING and cannot stand to see ANYTHING go in the trash.

Maybe you or your hoarder have one of these lying around, buried under that sack of empty toilet paper rolls covered with rubber bands. What is it? A rare, still-working Apple I Computer from 1976.

The Apple I Computer from 1976 sold at Sotheby’s auction house on Friday for $374,500, or more than 500 times its original retail price.

The computer, one of only a handful in full working condition, had been estimated to sell for about $150,000 at the auctioneer’s sale of books and manuscripts.

Two bidders competed for the machine, the first compact computer to allow casual users to type on a keyboard and operate basic programs. An anonymous telephone bidder prevailed for a final cost of just under $375,000 including commission.

The Apple founders created the personal computer in 1976 and presented it at a Palo Alto computer club, but there were few takers at the time. Paul Terrell, owner of a retail chain called Byte Shop, placed an order for 50 of the machines and sold them for $666.66 retail – once Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs agreed to assemble the circuit boards rather than offer them as kits, Sotheby’s said.

The pair then produced 150 more and sold them to friends and other vendors. Sotheby’s said fewer than 50 original Apple 1s are believed to survive, with only six known to be in working condition.

You probably DON’T have one. But if it is possible you do, wouldn’t that be a great incentive to clean out your own house?

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