Comedy Bang! Bang!

In a way, Comedy Bang! Bang!, the new IFC show created and hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman began back around 2002 when the former Mr. Show writer and his partner-in-comedy B.J. Porter started Comedy Death Ray, a weekly standup show at Los Angeles’ M Bar.

It became a staple of the alternative comedy scene and paved the way to the 2009 debut of Comedy Death Ray Radio on L.A.’s Indie 103.3, which then morphed into to the Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast – the spirited, surreal, completely improvised flagship show on the Earwolf Network (which Aukerman co-founded in 2010 with Jeff Ulrich).

On the subsequent TV show, Aukerman, alongside one-man-band leader Reggie Watts, navigates the worlds of podcasting, improv, variety, sketch comedy, and late night talk to create an undeniably unique and wholly hysterical show. In a recent chat, Aukerman talked with Rolling Stone about bringing CBB from podcast to TV, the joys of working with friends, and why this is the show he’s always wanted to make.




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