Cops Picking Their Brains at Latest Heist

Be aware of what’s for sale at your next visit to the flea market. A few unscrupulous individuals may be trying to make a mint off you by selling stolen toothpicks plundered from Armond’s Manufacturing Company Inc. near Athens, GA.

Nearly 400,000 toothpicks, named MicroPicks and ProPicks, were removed from the company over the past two weeks.

The gum stimulators have been spotted being sold by a character at the J&J Flea Market near Athens.

The employees of the flea market could only describe the toothpick hawker as a Hispanic man, police said. The business owner told officers that the man at the flea market may have gotten the contraband from current or former employees.

The plastic toothpicks have a total value of $2,808, police said.

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