EP Review: Real Friends “Everyone That Dragged You Here”

Real Friends are a pop punk band from the suburbs of our beautiful city. This year they released their EP “Everyone That Dragged You Here”. Shortly after the release Real Friends exploded and solidified themselves as the top pop punk band in Illinois. Everyone That Dragged You Here is filled with honesty, frustration, and passion.  Oh and boney Knees can’t forget that. One thing that Real Friends does perfect on this EP is have music that is intelligent and thought provoking and that can also be screamed at a show.  I’m still trying to wrap my head around the lyrics in  Floorboards:
“I don’t want to be jealous of the trees next to my neighbor’s garage anymore”

I love that the lyrics make me stop and think. Floorboards is track one on the EP and it’s a great first track.  Every song is distinct and memorable.  That’s what makes this EP so good. The last song on the EP is Home For Fall a song about a friend going away and it has some of the best lyrics I’ve heard

“Maybe you’ll be here next year to waste the fall away, watching the leaves blow across my driveway
We could listen to American Football and talk about high school
Just like we did the years before”

Any band with an American Football reference is okay in my book.  Since Real Friends will most likely go the way of Fall Out Boy and be assumed to be a Chicago band I don’t think we should argue about it. On behalf of Chicago Real Friends you have made us all proud.
Every scene has their band in New Jersey you have the Crucial Dudes,Philadelphia has The Wonder Years, and Now Illinois has Real Friends.

Real Friends discuss what the songs on Everyone That Dragged You Here are about. It’s definitely an interesting read-Song Meanings
Stream Everyone That Dragged You Here-http://realfriends.bandcamp.com/album/everyone-that-dragged-you-here
You can also vote for Real Friends to be a constant on the Q101 Stream-VOTE HERE!

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