Flower Face Stole My Cherries!

How does the mind of a criminal work? What would possess someone to break into a house, take a shower in the bathroom, pour a glass of apple juice, and then ONLY steal a bag of cherries? Is it really worth all the trouble? Was she in it for the excitement, thrill of fear of being caught, or just the cherries?

The police say they are looking for a woman, described as having flower tattoos on both sides of her face, who broke into a home in Arcadia, CA Saturday afternoon.

The resident returned home about 2:30 p.m. to find her front door chained from the inside and the screen removed from an opened rear window. The resident climbed inside and heard water running in her shower and her bedroom television turned on, police told the San Gabriel Valley Tribune.

Next, the burglar called out from the shower, asking the victim what she wanted, the newspaper reported. The resident told the burglar to get out and went to call a friend for help.

In the meantime, the burglar finished her shower, finished the juice, fled with the cherries, and disappeared into the sunset. She is still at large, presumably with crimson stained fingertips and vibrant cherry red lips.



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