Girls and Their Boomsticks

“OK, I’m looking at how many boobs I can see,” Diane Drall said.

They were a bit startled. But they ¬†stood obediently as Drall checked to make sure the women didn’t have low-cut necklines, and she explained herself.

“When a handgun is fired, it ejects the bullet’s extremely hot casing,” she said. “If a piece of brass reaches you and it goes down your bra,it’s not going to kill you, and it may not leave a scar, but it can hurt.”

You don’t get the casing-in-the-bra talk just anywhere. But at Women in the Outdoors, they got that, and sessions on jewelry-making and quilting too.

Women in the Outdoors is an outreach program of the National Wild Turkey Federation, a hunting and wildlife conservation organization. The federation sees women as key to the future of hunting, which is declining nationally but increasing in popularity among women.

It’s a way to try an activity that is completely unfamiliar, probably frightening, possibly off-putting, and in the middle of a major political and cultural debate on gun control. It’s an opportunity to meet people who might think differently than you do, and to find that you like them anyway.

For the gun-shy, there were gentler activities like soap-making and container gardening. But the shooting and archery sessions were among the day’s most popular.

Where do I sign? PunkMetalMamma is up for it all.

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