Google X Glasses

 “Something like this has never been created before,” says Steve Lee, one of Fast Company‘s 100 Most Creative People in Business and the product lead for Google’s Project Glass.

The company is developing the futuristic eyeware at its secretive X lab. Much has been written about the project, but few details about the device itself have emerged outside concept designs and video.

Fast Company conducted an interview with one of the lead creators of Project Glass, Steve Lee. One question asked was if the technology would one day be incorporated into contact lenses. His answer:

I mean, that’s definitely a long-term thing. At this point, it seems like a natural evolution. Certainly if you make the technology invisible, a lot of people would say that’s attractive. But maybe instead of that perspective, you could argue that something like this could be thought of like jewelry–something that is bold and prominent. Something a person wearing it is proud of. In that case, you wouldn’t want it to be invisible–you want to show it off, like, Hey! I’m part of the future.


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