I thought Terrell Owens couldn’t stoop any lower but I was wrong, way wrong…. Earlier this week the embattled pro football wide receiver was cut by the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League. The same Indoor Football League that is the home to the Chicago Slaughter. Owens signed with the team back in January after a 15 year career in the National Football League.

Between 1995-2010 Owens played for the 49ers, Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, and Bengals. Owens parted ways with the Niners after demanding a trade when he was unable to void the final year of his contract. He was deactivated from the Eagles after constant internal conflicts with Head Coach Andy Reid, and then Quarterback Donovan McNabb among others.

Dallas Owner Jerry Jones declined the option year of Owens’ contract when T.O. took to the media and accused Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo, Tight End Jason Whitten, and then Offensive Coordinator {Now Head Coach} Jason Garrett of holding secret meetings to conspire to create plays that purposely left Owens’ out of the game.

The Buffalo Bills declined Owens’ option year because he had one of the worst performing seasons of his career. Plus he also complained about the weather. And then his career in Cincinnati ended after a series of career threatening knee injuries. In early 2011 Owens had surgery to repair those injuries.

He spent the summer of 2011 rehabbing, and then in October of 2011 he held a public workout and invited both the media and NFL scouts. The media showed up in drones, only problem is not a single NFL team showed up to the workout. Just before thanksgiving Owens was offered a contract by the Chicago Rush. Owens would turn down the offer.

Now before I get into the situation with the Allen Wranglers, let me remind you of why Owens is not in the NFL…… T.O. has always had problems with every teammate he has ever had. San Francisco: Jerry Rice, Jeff Garcia, Steve Young Philadelphia: Donovan McNabb, Hugh Douglas, Brian Westbrook Dallas: Tony Romo, Jason Whitten, Marion Barber.

He has also befouled every coach and every team executive he has dealt with. He has disobeyed team rules on numerous occasions, has shown no regard for authority, and is very egomaniacial and disrespectful. Not to mention the fact that he no longer has his reality show. So around Christmas time the Allen Wranglers had offered T.O. a $500,000 contract.

Not only would he be the top wide receiver on the team, but he would also have a stake in ownership. According to the Wranglers, the addition of Owens’ led to numerous sellouts for the Wranglers home arena. And T.O. was also a popular attraction on the road as well. When Owens’ joined the team not only did he get the $500,00 salary, he also got a Jeep Cherokee and a temporary home.

This was supposed to either propel Owens back into the NFL, or at the worst make the IFL a profitable league. Neither of those outcomes would come to fruition. The decision to dismiss Owens came after he no-showed the team’s last two road games, skipped out on a charity event {A big no-no in any sport at any level}, and was showing up late for practice.

I guess Owens forgot that he’s not in the NFL anymore and that his diva like attitude wouldn’t fly. The IFL would much rather give the opportunity to undiscovered talent instead of veterans who feel entitled. Owens was cut on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the team demanded that he return the Jeep Cherokee he was driving and they evicted him from the apartment the team had been providing him.

The final nail in the coffin was on Thursday when the Wranglers recinded his ownership and gave him his severance pay, a lousy $50. It seems that Owens took the severance pay as an insult because he is now planning to sue the Wranglers for wrongful termination. The Wranglers say that they were just in letting him go because he breached his contract.

And I’d have to agree with them. As I mentioned in previous reports right here on Q101, Owens is in dire need of money. Since his departure from the NFL Owens has hit a financial snag. Bad investments, child support payments, property foreclosures, legal fees, supporting family members and being a victim of fraud really put Owens in a hole.

But I wonder where his priorities are when I see how things developed in the IFL. You would figure that all things considered Owens would have been a better teammate and a more model employee. But at the end of the day T.O. only looks out for himself and his interests, and in the end it costs him dearly. T.O.’s former teams are looking at the Wranglers right now and saying “I told you so!”

At this point I think Owens needs to wake up and realize that football is no longer an option. On his reality show, Owens had started to dabble into modeling and acting. He even starred in a small budget film last year. Perhaps he should finally check his ego at the door, eat the biggest humble pie ever baked, and maybe just maybe he can crossover into those other mediums.

Owens needs to realize that he’s in debt, his way of life has been adversely effected, and nobody seems to want him around anymore. Owens always talks about how much he praises and worships God, he thanked God on worldwide television for his 9 catch, 122 yard performance in the Super Bowl with the Eagles.

Perhaps Owens needs to beg for God’s mercy this time around. If this new obstacle doesn’t wake his ass up, I don’t know what will.

On a side note, the Rush will be honoring former Fullback Johnie Kirton on Sunday. As I mentioned in my last report, he passed away suddenly earlier this week. The cause of his death is still under investigation. The Rush will be holding a moment of silence for him before kickoff on Sunday {Against Spokane at 3pm}, there may be other memorials for him as well.

The Rush will be wearing their black uniforms for Sunday’s game, and one Rush player will be changing his jersey number. Rush Linebacker Kelvin Morris told me exclusively late Thursday night that he will change his jersey number from 11 to 37 which was the number Kirton wore during his career. He says the change will be permanent for the remainder of the season as a dedication to his fallen friend.

I will be in the press box for that game and I will be posting everything right here on Q101.com. Tickets are still available for the 3pm kickoff at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont.

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