Hope for Underdog Game Makers–Temple Run

In the mobile game “Temple Run,” players make Indiana Jones-like characters run for as long as they can in a junglelike maze while scooping up golden coins as they’re being chased by a band of evil, screaming apes. Miss a turn or run into a tree and, poof, you’re dead. “Hard to run without a head,” says the game.

Imangi Studio is one of the hottest mobile-game makers, and responsible for the popular ‘Temple Run’ game. Spencer Ante discusses his recent visit to Imangi on digits.

Released last summer, this simple-yet-addictive game—made by a company with three employees—became the App Store’s No. 1 free app over Christmas, and its top-grossing app as well. The blockbuster hit is a reminder that in the world of gaming apps, the little guy can compete with giants of the entertainment world.

Sixteen million people play “Temple Run” every day, according to its maker Imangi Studios. That compares with the 21 million people who played one of several mobile games made by top game maker Zynga at least once a day in the first quarter of 2012.



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