It Wasn’t the Pit Bull, It Was the Piranha

A little girl is recovering at a hospital after she apparently stuck her hand into the family fish tank and a piranha bit off the tip of her finger this week at their Maine Township home.

The parents suddenly heard their daughter start crying and rushed over to find her finger bleeding. They became frantic when they found the child’s fingertip was severed and automatically believed the culprit was their 65-pound family pit bull, said Frank Bilecki, spokesman for Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart.

They called 911 and an ambulance took her to Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, where a doctor realized this was not the case.

“He said: ‘This is not a dog bite,’’’ Bilecki said.

Authorities called her father, who was still at the home, and he immediately plunged his hand into the fish bowl, grabbing one of two piranhas.

“He had no fear; these were truly fatherly instincts,’’ Bilecki said. “He grabbed a knife and cut it open and found her fingertip right there.’’

The piece of her finger was taken to the hospital and doctors were trying to re-attach it, but Bilecki did not know if that operation was successful as of Friday afternoon.

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