Post Interview Etiquette

Most job seekers perceive landing an interview to be their biggest hurdle in the search process. Once that foot’s in the door, they think it’s all downhill as long as they wow the hiring manager with their charm and skills during the meeting.

Actually, you can murder your chance to get hired by not following a few basic steps after meeting your potential employer.

By all accounts, a thank-you note is expected from any candidate who’s serious about the position, and a well-written one will put you ahead of the pack.

Always promptly email a thank you. If you are working through a recruiter, they will appreciate it. These days, it’s critical that your note arrives promptly, and an email thank-you is quicker and less likely to get lost. An email is also easy for the recruiter or employer to save or circulate to other members of the team. And it’s much more eco-friendly to email if that’s highly valued at the company. If your recruiter or future employer seems like the type who will appreciate an old-fashioned paper thank-you, though, feel free to supplement with that.

•Be concise. The purpose of a thank-you note is to actually thank people for their time and interest in you as a candidate, not to pitch yourself again or give a play-by-play of the interview.

• Never stalk the employer. If you were told you’d hear something by a certain date and haven’t, wait a week and then contact the employer again via email. If you weren’t given a time frame, follow up with an email a week after the initial interview, Gilfeather says. “Don’t be paranoid if you don’t hear quickly,” she notes. “Remember that hiring may not be their top priority and they also may be out of town for business, or taking time off from work. A delay in response is not always a clear indicator of disinterest.”

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