Q101 Welcomes The Vans Warped Tour!

The annual rite of summer, The Vans Warped Tour, rolls into Chicagoland to the First Midwest Bank Amphitheater in Tinley Park, Saturday July 7th!   Tix can be had HERE

Check out the lineup for the 18th edition of the Tour:

A Loss for Words
After the Burial
All Time Low
Anthony Raneri
Born of Osiris
Breathe Carolina
Brian Marquis
Captain Capa
Champagne Champagne
Chelsea Grin
Chunk! No Captain Chunk!
Cold Forty Three
Dead Sara
Divided by Friday
Echo Movement
Every Time I Die
Falling in Reverse
For Today
Four Year Strong
Funeral Party
Hostage Calm
Hyro da Hero
I Am the Avalanche
I Call Fives
I Fight Dragons
Impending Doom
Into It. Over It.
It Boys!
Living With Lions
Lost In Society
Machine Gun Kelly
Make Do and Mend
Man Overboard
Matt Toka
Mayday Parade
Memphis May Fire
Mighty Mongo
Miss May I
Mad Sun
Motionless in White
New Found Glory
Of Mice and Men
Oh No Fiasco
Owen Plant
Pierce the Veil
Polar Bear Club
Rise to Remain
Senses Fail
Sick of Sarah
Skip the Foreplay
Sleeping with Sirens
Streetlight Manifesto
Super Water Sympathy
T. Mills
Taking Back Sunday
Ten Second Epic
The Constellations
The Darlings
The Ghost Inside
The Green
The Jukebox Romantics
The Silver Comet
The Used
Title Fight
Tomorrow’s Bad Seeds
Tonight Alive
Tony D’Angelo
Twin Atlantic
Vampires Everywhere!
Vinnie Caruana
We Are the In Crowd
We Are the Ocean
We t
he Kings
Wick-It the Instigator
You Me At Six


Never been to Warped?  Check this out: The trailer from the Definitive (there may be no others, honestly) documentary about the Tour, No Room For Rockstars.   There’s a review of it below as well.

The Review courtesy of “Blogfully.net”:

John and I watched ‘Vans Warped Tour: No Room For Rockstars’ yesterday morning and in just a few sentences, I can tell you my exact thoughts and opinions of this film.

No Room For Rockstars is a documentary film that – for me – was an absolute thrill to watch. By default, I’m a music enthusiast. I love listening to all types of music (except for a select two, which I won’t mention here). At the same time, I’m a documentary lush. I could sit and watch documentary films all day long and be tickled.

No Room for Rockstars gave me the chance to see just how a concert tour like Warped Tour is run; ‘behind-the-scenes.’ I mean, from a fan’s view, the whole experiences is great. As a fan, we go to enjoy the music. To grab fan merchandise. As fans, we don’t have to worry about cleaning up, tearing down, and traveling to the next spot (usually a different State) by the next morning. That’s not the case for the equipment crews, the bands and the wanna-be-band-features. They actually live it, work it, travel it, day in and day out, from the first show to the last.


Source:  http://blogfully.net/2012/03/van-warped-tour-no-room-for-rockstars-review/

3 thoughts on “Q101 Welcomes The Vans Warped Tour!

  1. C’mon Harold AND Kumar, share with us the select two types of music you don’t like to listen to. I promise not to harangue you two about it if you would just spill the dirt. Here, to make it fair, I admit I don’t like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, or Celine Dion. That’s three. Your turn.

    1. Hey Lisa! Great question! Harold has a real problem with “Southern Rock” for some strange reason. Who can’t get into the Allman Brothers and Skynard every now and then? Frankly I think it’s racist and anti-American of him. Sometimes you got to get your inner-hillbilly on, am I right Northwest Indiana? (I kid, I kid). I am intolerant of 70s soft rock in all it’s nefarious forms: Seals and Crofts, Chicago, et. al. If it can rock an elevator or dentists office, I break into a cold sweat and my scrotum gets tight (TMI lol!) For some reason Hall and Oates is the only exception to this rule, oddly. On the flip side of that though is “Baker Street” Gerry Rafferty. Within seconds of coming within earshot of that song, no matter how violently I thrash about, I need bystanders to insert a bic pen under my tongue or it’s curtains for certain for your ol pal Kumar!

      1. Harold…Hall & Oates? Seriously? I would endure a lobotomy without anesthesia in a dank basement lit by one dim lightbulb hanging from its frayed electrical wire performed by Jack Kevorkian suffering the shakes before allowing Hall & Oates entrance to my holes (ear holes…geez, Harold, what were YOU thinking?) Watch out, she’s a man eater. Dumb. But I promised not to harangue. For inner hillbilly gittin’, I’ll take some Johnny Cash. Patsy Cline. Zac Brown Band. I bet Kumar would LOVE Jimmy Buffett! I hear he’s coming to Tinley Park this week. Harold, you should take Kumar to see all the Parrotheads, drink some margaritas, and perhaps you two could even wear matching coconut bras and grass skirts, au naturale. Take a picture for us all to see. Keep up the good work, guys.

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