Senior Citizen Brawl Leaves One Dead

An 81-year-old man accepted the challenge of a parking lot fight with a 70-year-old in Redding, CA and lost his life.

Witnesses told police Robert Leonard Mix, 81,  was sitting in his Dodge pickup waiting for a parking space, which was causing congestion in the parking lot of a Costco.

Gerald Eugene Carpenter, 70, walked by the pickup, hitting Mix on the arm.

The two began arguing about Mix’s truck blocking traffic and Carpenter challenged Mix to a fight, police said.

Mix got out of the pickup and tried to hit Carpenter with a metal cane but Carpenter grabbed the cane and both men fell.

Mix hit his head on the pavement in the fall, was taken to the hospital for surgery, and later died when he was removed from life support.

The incident is still under investigation.

Why can’t we all just get along?


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