Set Yourself Apart From the Rest

Employers  get MILLIONS (I swear, I NEVER exaggerate) of resumes each year, so why should they look at yours? What makes YOU more employable than the next guy? Aside from printing your stellar resume on glittering lime green cardstock, author Jennifer Merritt–“The Wall Street Journal Guide to Building Your Career”–offers several career boosters to transform your run-of-the-mill résumé into a job-magnet jackpot.

Many young professionals underestimate the potential payoff of industry and professional associations. Some are convinced they’re outdated and redundant, while others are just afraid of the price tag. However, when used properly, these groups can be helpful in expanding your network, staying on top of industry trends and furthering your education.

You may have participated in some charity events through a high-school sports team or a bake sale your mother threw so you’d have volunteer work on your college résumé, but volunteering can benefit you in more ways than merely making you appear charitable.

Jennifer has many other suggestions for making YOU appear employable. None of them, however, compare to MY suggestion of printing your resume on DayGlo paper. Maybe that’s why Jennifer has a book out and I don’t.

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