The Connection?

They believed the end of the world is near. They sold their belongings, packed up what they had left, and headed to Arizona. In the process, somehow the idea to blindfold, bind, and tape their five kids crossed this couple’s mind as a good idea.

Adolfo and Deborah Gomez remain held on $50,000 bail, both charged with felony child abuse and endangerment.

Police said the couple and five of their children were traveling to Arizona to visit a sixth sibling, 16, who was living with relatives, when they became stranded Monday in Lawrence, Kan., after their SUV broke down.

A shopper called 911 on Wednesday after she spotted one of the blindfolded children, hands tied and legs bound, sitting near the vehicle. authorities said. The children, ages 4 to 15, are expected to be placed with relatives, officials said.

The couple rented various apartments in suburban Chicago over the years and was evicted at least twice, records show.

In recent months, the family lived in a home in Northlake, where neighbors described the couple as devout Christians who sold off what little possessions they had during a three-day garage sale before leaving town last week.

So what IS the connection between the impending end of the world and abusing your children? Right. There IS no excuse.

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