Reggie Gray scores one of this three touchdowns

The Rush put on it’s best defensive performance of the season last night and it couldn’t have came at a better time. After last week’s loss against Utah, the Rush are on the outside looking in at that final playoff spot. Last night’s commanding 62-27 victory not only put the Rush back in the win column, it also kept their playoff hopes alive. On top of that the Rush are still unbeaten at the Allstate Arena this season with a record that now stands at 7-0 with only one more home game left. The Rush held the Georgia Force scoreless in the first quarter, and only allowed one touchdown in the second.

And to cap it off they only allowed 20 points for remainder of the game. The Force came into this game already owning a victory over the Rush {A 70-49 victory in Georgia back in May}. They were also in contention for a decent playoff spot. However, they’ve also dealt with injuries since then. They have also used three quarterbacks this season, and they were only 3-3 on the road this season. Take that and mix it with an angry Rush team who needed someone to vent out their frustrations on, and you knew it was going to be a long night for somebody.

And that somebody ended up being the Georgia Force. The Rush defense was so on par that Georgia played both of their active quarterbacks last night. And with the score being so lob-sided the Force only ran one rushing play all night. In total the Rush only gave up 169 total yards last night, while gaining a total of 249 yards. Russ Michna’s numbers weren’t pretty (17-26 for 217 yards and 6 touchdowns passing. 2 carries for 9 yards rushing}, but they were much better than the numbers he put up against Utah. They were also good enough to get the job done.

He also spread the ball to five different receivers, with Wide Receivers Reggie Gray and Jared Perry grabbing three touchdown catches each. Recently assigned Defensive Back Jorrick Calvin was the star of the Rush defense last night for he was the leading tackler and he snagged three interceptions. Not bad for someone who was only signed a few days ago. And the Rush especially needed this boost from their secondary because of all of the injuries that Rush defensive backs have sustained this season. Last week against Utah, the Rush defensive backfield performed so poorly that Reggie Gray eventually found himself covering Utah’s receivers.

Linebacker Kelvin Morris also grabbed an interception, and despite a nagging injury Semaj Moody managed to be the third leading tackler on the evening. Here is the box score from last night’s game:

Home may be where the heart is {most certainly in the case of the Rush}, but the Rush are back on the road next week. But not to fear, next week’s opposition is only the second worst team in the AFL. The Kansas City Command have only compiled a record of 2-10 and have only won one home game all year. Plus the Rush demolished the Command Back on April 7th by a final score of 69-40. So I have no doubt that the Rush will finally end their road woes this season. The Rush haven’t won a road game since the March 31st victory in Iowa.

But unfortunately with good news comes the bad, Utah hung onto their one game lead in the playoff race as they managed to get past Spokane last night with a score of 58-55. Aside from the Rush needing to win next week, how ironic is it that they need this same Georgia Force team to upset the Blaze next week to even things up for that final playoff spot in the National Conference. These final weeks of the regular season will not be for the weak. And in regards to the current labor situation in the Arena Football League, late word last night came out that there has been an agreement between the league office and the AFL Players Union.

While no formal details have been released, my sources tell me that the agreement is being put on paper and finalized. Once the deal is officially done, the only question remaining is will the NFL Network return to broadcasting the Friday night games live? This week the Tampa Bay/Orlando game was recorded and aired yesterday afternoon. The week before that the Milwaukee/Philadelphia broadcast was cancelled. So hopefully we can all put this issue behind us and continue to see the Arena Football League return to the prosperity that it had between 2001-2008.

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