Transit of Venus

Three Days Grace has just announced they are releasing a new album October 2, 2012.

Three Days Grace, a Canadian band, formed under the name Groundswell in Norwood, Ontario, Canada in 1992. After a breakup in 1995, the band reformed in 1997 under its current name and with a line-up consisting of guitarist and lead vocalist Adam Gontier, drummer and backing vocalist Neil Sanderson, and bassist Brad Walst. In 2003, Barry Stock was recruited as the band’s lead guitarist.

Three Days Grace’s first single, “Animal I Have Become”, has been their most successful, becoming 2006’s most played rock song in Canada. The album helped propel Three Days Grace to become the number one rock artist in airplay in the US and Canada in 2007, with Billboard ranking them as the number one rock artist of the year in 2007.

The announcement for the new release,  “Transit of Venus”, coincided with the actual transit of Venus across the sun, a once in a lifetime event for all of us.


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