Wanted: Badass Ninjas

Does that describe you in a nutshell? Are you afraid if you put that as a qualification on your resume you will scare off employers by exposing the true depths of your talent?

So what gives? It seems that in the fierce competition for top-level programming talent, technology companies hope a fun job description will help give them the edge.

“It’s a way to stand out,” Eric Gaydos, Associate Marketing Manager at The Resumator, told NJ.com. “There is so much demand for the people who are good that this is more of a way to say ‘this is the best place to do that job.’”

Oddly, despite some tech jobs ranking among the best available, many companies say they can’t find the talent. Take IT professionals, or IT Pro Evangelists as they’re called at Microsoft. Those jobs are among those with the greatest talent shortages, according to a recent report by workforce solutions company ManpowerGroup.

Do be careful, however. Don’t over inflate your sense of greatness. If you put on your resume “Sex God”, you better be able to perform accordingly.



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