Drive-Thru Records Is Back!///The Stellar Life-MotherF*uckers EP Review

Drive-Thru Records is arguably the most important label in the Pop Punk landscape, and there really isn’t much to argue.  Started in 1996 Drive-Thru Records has given us bands such as Midtown, The Starting Line, RX Bandits and Chicago’s own Allister to name a few. With the recent surge in amazing Pop Punk records and bands Drive-Thru Records is looking at getting back in the mix. The last bit of news I heard about Drive-Thru is that owners Richard and Stefanie Reines applied for a $250,000 grant to start the label up again. Assuming everything is moving along positively with the grant we now switch focus to The Stellar Life. The band Drive-Thru Records is relaunching around.

See now the title of this article makes sense.  The Stellar Life recently released their debut EP “Motherf*uckers”.  The EP clocks in at Eighteen minutes and overall is a nice listen. The problem is that this is Drive-Thru Records first release since 2007. So we have to look at this EP as a Drive-Thru Records release.  So many great albums/EPs were released on Drive-Thru Allister’s –Last Stop Suburbia, New Found Glorys-Nothing Gold Can Stay, The Starting Lines-With Hopes Of Starting Over and many more.  Is “Motherf*uckers” in that category…no.
The first track “Nineteen” clocks in at 4:48 so it is not your typical short, fast punch in the mouth opening tack.  “Rock and Roll” sounds like a Drive-Thru Records track. It’s catchy as hell and will stay in your head for days.  The EP ends with “Got F*ucked Up” a nice, infectious pop punk tune.

I can’t wait until Drive-Thru Records is back and signing up bands to expose to the world.  This is a great thing for the Pop Punk Scene and a great thing if you happen to be in a band.

Listen to The Stellar Life’s “Rock & Roll” Below

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