Local 101: Stepdad Gets Warped

It’s 4 p.m. on a Saturday in July. The heat is peaking somewhere upward of ninety degrees and the asphalt backdrop isn’t helping. Still, every stop along the seminal Warped Tour schedule is a chance for up and coming bands like poppy quintet Stepdad to grow their fan bases.

However, Stepdad’s stop in Chicago wasn’t too foreign. Though they now call Grand Rapids, MI home, Stepdad got their start on Chicago’s south side. Now, several years later, they’ve embarked on the yearly Warped Tour, fondly know as “punk rock summer camp” and are happy to see some familiar faces along the way.

Local 101 caught up with the band on their (air conditioned) bus following their performance on July 7 to chat about their past, present and future….and also to eat some cookies. Listen to the full interview below.

Stepdad’s debut full length album Wildlife Pop is out now. Check out their track entitled “Jungles” below.

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