Seven Deadly Sins, Buckcherry Style

Buckcherry has finished work on their sixth album, Confessions.  Although no official date has been announced, the band is aiming for a September release.  The group will also be making a short film to coincide with the new record.

Confessions will serve as a soundtrack to the film which is based off of the seven deadly sins. The script was written by Josh Todd,  lead singer and the creative mind behind the project, and comes directly from true events in his life.

Alternative Press recently sat down with Josh Todd to discuss the inspiration behind it all as well as Buckcherry’s current plans for the rest of 2012.  READ IT HERE

2012 will prove to be a vital year for Buckcherry as only time will tell to see if the band’s latest project can be deemed a success.  And even with all the risks involved, Todd remained confident in the band’s decision to take such a bold and artistic leap.  “This is our sixth record and we’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve been playing rock and roll when it hasn’t been mainstream since we started with our first record back in 1999.  We’re accustomed to taking big risks and doing what we love, and being sincere with how we do things.  I think that’s a big reason why some people love us; it’s as simple as the people that are into us love us…it’s a love-hate relationship with this band you know.  It’s either you love Buckcherry or you hate us.  I don’t really understand that because we’re just playing rock and roll; we didn’t re-invent the wheel or anything.  But I really feel like we’re the only band from our generation that plays rock music and puts out rock records.  When we play live we don’t run samples or anything like that; it’s just a real rock and roll band.”

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