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It’s been a while since the last paycheck, and the finances are not looking good. Right now, you’re more concerned about making ends meet than finding the perfect job, but does taking that good-for-now job hurt your career in the long run?

“If you take a temporary job after a year [of being unemployed], you can talk about it in subsequent job interviews and that says you’re not someone who just sits around, you’re someone who goes out and makes opportunities for yourself,” says Alisa Cohn,  an executive and career coach.

“If you have some income coming in, you feel less desperate,” Cohn says. “If you know that your bills will get paid, you can be more comfortable and confident when you’re applying for a job that really matters.”

Cohn advises taking a part-time position in sales:  telephone sales, retail or inside sales, even if you’ve never been attracted to sales before.

“You learn so much in the process of learning how to sell. You’ll learn about communication skills and people skills, which are immediately transferable to another job,” Cohn says. “You can even discover something you’re good at.”

How to Make Money on AirBNB

Follow the Cub Scout motto: Always Do Your Best.  No matter what job you are doing, even one you don’t like or find difficult,  having a positive attitude can make it better, even empowering.

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How to Make Money on AirBNB

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