Under Armour’s Double Secret Lab

Chances are good that you own at least one piece of Under Armour. That is, if you move off the couch once in awhile to get the endorphins flowing. Under Armour’s success has been reliant on the ability to constantly innovate and differentiate itself from the bigger boys in the industry.

So, it keeps the place where it develops new products — dubbed the Under Armour “Innovation Lab” — fortified.

It is located “somewhere” in Baltimore.  The unmarked high security lab sits in the midst of a rather gritty headquarters campus whose next door neighbor is a steam-spewing Domino sugar refinery.

The lab isn’t just the heart of the athletic performance wear maker. It’s also the soul. This super-secret lab is where shirts, shorts and running shoes go from concept to must-have item. Only 20 of the 5,000 employees are allowed into the lab, which is protected by a “vault-like” door, according to USA Today.

Knowing how top secret this lab is REALLY makes me want to see it for myself.  If  I dressed incognito in all pink Under Armour, including gloves and sunglasses, minded my own business and behaved as if I belonged there, would I be able to sneak into the lair, I mean lab, behind one of the chosen 20?



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