2012 Chicago Rush Impact Players

In my last report, I reviewed the 2012 Arena Football League season for the Chicago Rush. http://michelledubiel.com/~micheox4/websites/q101/2012/08/chicago-rush-2012-season-in-review/

Here are the main players who led the Rush to those 10 victories this season…


No. 12 Quarterback Russ Michna

He was without a doubt the leader for the Rush offense this year. He kept this team together, he showed great poise, and he is a true veteran. Even when the Rush lost this year, he still kept his head in the game.

No. 7 Quarterback Luke Drone

He did a solid job when filling in for Russ Michna, he was also a major player in the running game as well.

No. 43 Fullback J.J. Payne

He was the leading rusher for the offense this season. He was also a big part of  the pass protection for Russ Michna and Luke Drone.  He also pitched in as a receiver when needed. And there were even a few times when he stepped in at linebacker as well.

No. 6 Wide Receiver Jared Perry

He was the team’s second leading receiver and the AFL’s Rookie Of The Year in 2012.

No. 16 Wide Receiver Terrance Turner

He was the third leading receiver for the Rush this season. He made his presence felt when Jared Perry and Reggie Gray drew double teams, leaving him wide open.

And of course I can’t forget about the Rush’s offensive line.

C.J. Cobb, T.J. Watkins, and Billy Eisenhardt did a hell of a job to keep Russ Michna and Luke Drone upright. The offense would go nowhere without these guys.


The Chicago Rush defensive line was one of the better d-lines in the AFL in 2o12. They were one of the few teams that could get a pass rush going in a league where pass rushing is almost non-existent. If it wasn’t for their pressure on opposing quarterbacks, the rest of the Rush defense would have had a much harder time this year.

No. 56 Linebacker Nekos Brown

If only the Rush could have had him on the roster in Week 1. But when he did arrive here in Chicago, he boosted a defense that was already top notch. The only thing was that before his arrival, the Rush were thin at the mack linebacker position due to injuries and other roster issues. But he made his presence felt and served the Rush well.

No. 4 Defensive Back Vic Hall

If it wasn’t for multiple injuries during the season Vic Hall would have been AFL Defensive Player Of The Year. He could cover receivers like glue, hold down zone coverage, and read quarterbacks before they make their throws. Hopefully 2013 will be a better year for him.

No. 14 Defensive Back Jorrick Calvin

This was the man who filled in for Vic Hall while he was on injured reserve. He was brought in later in the season, but did a damn good job of filling in for Hall. He looked more like a wide receiver out there with all of the interceptions that he caught.

No. 22 Defensive Back Semaj Moody

He was another guy who stepped in when guys went down with injuries.

Iron Men:

No. 1 WR/DB Reggie Gray

It’s a shame that this man wasn’t even nominated for Iron Man Of The Year. Aside from being the fire that sparked the Rush offense, he was also a special teams contributor, and played defense when the Rush were low on bodies. He was also the leading receiver for the Rush and one of the top 10 receivers in the AFL in 2012.

No. 37 LB/FB/WR Kelvin Morris

Aside from his responsibilities as the defensive captain for the Rush, he was also a major player on special teams. On top of all that, he also was a major contributor on offense. He scored some touchdowns as a fullback, and caught some big time passes at wide receiver.

No. 10 FB/LB Russell Monk

He was injured at the beginning of the season but rejoined the team in May. Once he was added to the active roster he became a staple on both sides of the ball for the remainder of the season.

In my next report I will talk about what the Rush need to do to get back into the playoffs in 2013.

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