A Dozen New Gadgets

Unofficially labeled a “speed management” tool, the Cobra iRadar fits the bill as the “coolest” gadget here. CNet reviewed the product:

The good: The Cobra iRadar works with or without a connected Android or iOS smartphone. Its car charger has a powered USB port for the paired smartphone. A free app helps you fine-tune the iRadar’s sensitivity and discern between actual alerts and false positives, as well as monitor for traffic cameras and speed traps.

The bad: We still ran into a number of false positives during our testing, requiring quite a bit of interaction with the app for the first few days.

The bottom line: The Cobra iRadar justifies its entry-level price as a good radar/laser detector. And when paired with a smartphone running the iRadar app, it becomes a much more flexible and useful speed management tool.

If your driver’s license is already revoked, you may be interested in other toys not related to hurtling down the interstate at breakneck speeds.  CNet.com has a variety of new toys to view that are available for you to purchase.



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