A Monster Copyright Infringement

E! reports that Mike D, Ad-Rock and the estate of the late AdamYauch sued Monster Energy Corp. last week for copyright infringement.

The Beasties accused Monster of trying to create “an association” with the trio and its music by using several of their best-known hits — including ‘Sabotage,’ ‘So Whatcha Want,’ ‘Brass Monkey,’ ‘Paul Revere’ and numerous other tunes named in the complaint — in a promotional campaign without properly licensing them. Specifically, they point to a video promoting the 2012 Ruckus in the Rockies festival and claim that it is “comprised substantially of excerpts from the Beastie Boys Sound Recordings and the Beastie Boys Musical Compositions totaling more than three minutes in duration.”

The Beastie Boys, of course, did not actually permit such use, and are suing for alleged copyright infringement and various other intellectual property violations. They seek unspecified damages.



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