Abandoned Waterparks

Desolate. Abandoned. Creepy. Haunted. Imagine viewing these once thriving locations in late September, as a dry and chilly breeze blows leaves in little swirls at the bottom of what should be a pristine and sparkling blue swimming pool.

Perhaps the bottom of the pool retains a puddle of murky and muddy water that appears slick, and if you were to somehow slip into the puddle, you would not be able to claw your way back out to dry terra firma. Your desperate fingers would leave blue streaks in the mud as you wiped clean the pool bottom from its filthy and silted buildup…

What a marvelous first date that would make! Check out these locations. I dare you. You and your significant other “to be” can pack sandwiches, cheese, wine, extra towels, and head out in the late afternoon to watch the sunset. It would certainly be an unforgettable experience, right? Let me know how things turn out.



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