CBGB Then and Now

CBGB (full name is CBGB & OMFUG which stands for “Country. BlueGrass Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers”) was a music club in Manhattan in New York City.

Founded by Hilly Kristal in 1973, CBGB was originally intended to feature its namesake musical styles, but became a forum in the 1970’s for American Punk and New Wave bands like Ramones, Misfits, the B-52s, to name just a few.

From the early 80’s until its later years, it mainly became known for Hardcore Punk.

CBGB closed in 2006 and Kristal died from complications from lung cancer in August of  2007.

So what happened to CBGB’s? In November 2007, it was announced that high-end men’s fashion designer John Varvatos would open a store at CBGB’s former space. Varvatos expressed a desire to “do justice” to CBGB’s legacy.  Much of the graffiti covering the toilets was preserved, along with some playbills  from the club’s 10th anniversary shows in 1983.

This year,  CBGB Festival 2012 was held for four days in July in  New York City and Brooklyn. The fest included emerging artist showcases, music business conferences, rock and roll film screenings and industry panel discussions, plus a whiskey fest.

What’s CBGB look like now? Disappointing.


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