Craig Owens–Back With Chiodos

Chiodos and Craig Owens have reunited this spring and will begin a late summer tour next month.

Owens left the band in 2009 and went on to form Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows in 2010.  Chiodos recruited Brandon Bolmer (ex-Yesterdays Rising) as Owens’ replacement, who recorded one album as the group’s frontman (2010’s Illuminaudio) before departing in March along with drummer Tanner Wayne.

Coming from the small town of Davison, Michigan, the men of Chiodos put in a ton of sweat equity to establish themselves in post-hardcore America. Forming in 2001 in high school, the band formerly known as the Chiodos Bros. (a tribute to the directorial team who created the horror-movie spoof Killer Klowns From Outer Space), issued three EP releases (The Chiodos Bros., The Best Way To Ruin Your LifeThe Heartless Control Everything).

Chiodos confirmed in May that Derrick Frost would be a part of Chiodos again after years of being away.

Celebrate the reunion of Chiodos in September’s issue of Alternative Press. Here’s Chiodos, in their OWN WORDS, describing their reunion:


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