Google’s Own Superhighway

Google Fiber will provide internet services 100 times faster than is currently available. It will launch late this year, with high-speed internet and TV connections to consumers in Kansas City. Over time, Google Fiber hopes to spur a new wave of technological innovation, from telemedicine to cloud computing, that can capitalize on its network’s ability to stream high-definition videos and transfer large files. Indeed, some believe Google Fiber is so powerful that it will improve education technology and transform how businesses operate.

“There’s been a lot of excitement” here, says Michael Gelphman, founder of Kansas City IT Professionals, a grassroots networking and peer-advisory group. “Google Fiber has gotten the whole city thinking about technology.”

Google declines to comment on the cost of the Kansas City project, which charges households $70 a month not including TV service, but company executives say it expects to make a profit.

Enabling one-gigabit Internet speeds across the country is still a pipe dream. It would take Google a long time to dig the trenches and string the fiber-optic cable so that it can roll out Fiber elsewhere. According to some analysts’ estimates, the cost would eventually be tens of billions of dollars.

Until then, we must wait and watch as the residents of Kansas City enjoy this dream speed internet.


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