It’s All About Me

You don’t have to be a celebrity to consider yourself a brand. In fact, no matter how low-profile your job, say career experts, it’s increasingly essential to assume the role of CEO not just of your career, but of your life. You can call this enterprise “Me, Inc.”

“In today’s job market, being CEO of your own career is a necessity,” says Jay Scherer, managing partner at BPI Group, a Chicago-based human resources and management consulting management firm. “Just as a startup would do, every professional should begin to build their brand by identifying their goals and defining what makes them unique in the market. Once you define what you want to achieve, you can build a path with specific steps to succeed.”

There are a couple of “bottom lines” to keep in mind.┬áThe first bottom line for everyone’s career is job security and financial stability. The second bottom line is how you make a difference in people’s lives. “Get crystal clear on who you are and what game you are here to play. What do you stand for? Once you know that, create strategies and systems as to how can you put that stance into action in the world and use it to attract and create the opportunities you want,” Powers advises. “And then, just like any other brand, walk that talk. Make sure it is clear who you are and what you stand for at every touch point in your life.”

When you shift mentally and emotionally into being the CEO of your life, you consciously take control.

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