Part Time Lovers?

Their mutual attraction is ‘forbidden’. What, are the Superhero Romance Police gonna bust ’em up?  Bizarre love quadrangle complications with Lois Lane and Steve? Who the hell knows?

The idea of pairing Superman and Wonder Woman feels like a somewhat natural one on a basic level: He’s the world’s greatest superhero, she’s the world’s greatest super heroine, so why shouldn’t they be a couple? But, for the most part, it’s an idea that was left untouched for the first few decades of each character’s history, “imaginary stories” aside (The two actually married in a dream sequence that appeared in 1983’s Wonder Woman #300).

Plus, these were comics and characters aimed squarely at a kid demographic, what kid wants to read about romantic mushy stuff?  But the issue World’s Finest excuse that the two shouldn’t be together ‘just because’ started to fall by the wayside in more recent years, as audiences became less willing to put up with the status quo and creators more happy to push and pull at accepted ideas in the name of a good story – or, at least, a shocking hook to make you pay attention and pick up the book.

A year after DC demonstrated a willingness – one could even say a desire – to shake up expectations of its most familiar characters with the whole New 52 relaunch, playing matchmaker with these two characters without an immediate reversal or get-out clause is definitely a good way to remind people that this is a DC Universe where anything can happen – even if it’s not something that everyone wants to see.


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