Tardis Technician? Jobs of the Future

Ever evolving, our world and how we earn money to live in it constantly changes, as does technology. This constant movement of ideas and inventions opens the door for us to create new ways to gather cash and stay ahead of the game.

Here are some fresh potential jobs that may be in demand in the next 10 years. The one common thread with them all is “technological know-how”. Along with the new, predictions of what related jobs might be replaced also are given.

Market researcher > Predictive data analyst

Every minute YouTube users upload 48 hours of video, Facebook users share 684,478 pieces of content, and Google receives 2 million search queries, according to the business analytics company Domo. As Big Data gets even bigger, fewer people will be needed to collect information, and more people will be needed to analyze and discover the value stored within these billions of terabytes.

Construction foreman > Smart engineer

Bricks and mortar aren’t what they used to be. Construction represents more than $7 trillion of the world’s economic output, and it’s expected to grow to $12 trillion by 2020, as emerging markets bulge in China, India, Latin America and the Middle East. And new transportation systems — from driverless cars to maglev trains — require infrastructure to be updated and reinvented. In developed countries, creaking urban centers will be retrofitted — or replaced — with new, sustainable technologies and materials.

As of today, nobody has developed a way to time travel, so I wouldn’t hold out hopes of being on hand to maintain or repair those machines. ┬áIn OUR lifetime, perhaps not…



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