Tribbles Invade Earth!

The IDW comic series that started last year, has been retelling the classic TV episodes within the new movie continuity. Next comes the Tribbles, and this time around they invade Earth.

Written by Mike Johnson with assistance by Roberto Orci (co-writer and producer of the new Star Trek films), the comic is canon in the movie universe. Mixing old storylines with new, original stories, the Star Trek comic bridges the gap between the first Star Trek movie in 2009 and its upcoming sequel, set to release next year.

The Star Trek sequel will continue the “rebooted” universe, taking Kirk, Spock and the original crew into a new timeline of adventures. The title of second Star Trek film remains unnamed, and its villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) is unknown, although rumored to be Khan.

Johnson, who also co-writes DC’s Supergirl, has been tasked by IDW and Orci to set things up for the Star Trek movie sequel as he writes the new Star Trek comic.

Newsarama recently talked to the writer to find out more about the Tribbles and what else readers can expect from IDW’s Star Trek universe. Here’s an excerpt from the interview.

Newsarama: Yeah, let’s talk about the Tribble story, which starts in this month’s issue #11 and continues in August’s #12, retelling the episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles.” What can you reveal about the story, which you’ve titled “The Truth About Tribbles?”

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Johnson: We’ll get to see the Tribble homeworld, meet the Tribbles’ natural predators, and witness the Tribble invasion of Earth. It’s equal parts fuzzy and epic.

Newsarama:  Is there anything else you want to tell fans about the Star Trek comic book?

Johnson: If you like it, tell your friends! I’ve met readers who were surprised to find out there was a series tied into the movie universe, and who were not huge comics fans before this. Hopefully we can get some cross-pollination going. Get comics fans into Trek, and Trekfans into comics!


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