Midwestria is for EVERYONE

You don’t have to admit it to US. Just be honest with YOURSELF. You LOVE MY LITTLE PONY. It’s OKAY, we don’t judge. Everyone has their thing.

When Midwestria, a My Little Pony convention, comes to town next week, more than just 10-year-old girls will be representing. Fans called “bronies” and “pegasisters,” adults who love the toys and show “Friendship is Magic” also will be riding in.

Midwestria will be held Sept. 14-16 at Pheasant Run resort in St. Charles, and will include panel speakers, a charity 5K run, balls, karaoke and an exhibit hall. Pre-registration tickets are available until Sept. 7 and cost $40, but one-day tickets the day of the event run from $10 (for a single-day pass on Sunday) to $45 for entrance to all three days.

Visit Midwestria’s web site for more information or to register.




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