Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 9/9/12

For writer/actor Kevin Shinick, comic book heroes and humor make a natural combination. After years of working on parody shows like MAD and Robot Chicken, he’s often utilized costumed heroes to get a laugh.

“Everybody knows these characters,” Shinick said. “Like, everybody understands a Batman joke. You don’t need time to establish their personalities and then make fun of them. It’s like poking fun at your mom or your dad or your uncle. It’s just such an easy fit.”

On Sunday night, the Robot Chicken DC Comics Special will showcase Shinick’s love of superheroes and laughter by poking fun at DCU characters through stop-motion animation. Airing on Cartoon Network September 9th at midnight (ET/PT), the 22-minute special will utilize the stop-motion comedy skits that has made the Adult Swim series so popular.


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