Shower With Someone-Save The World

What better way to conserve our world’s resources than showering with one you love? Hell, you don’t even have to LOVE the one you shower with, but liking them could go a long way to building and maintaining your “relationship”.

AXE, a brand of grooming products including shower gel, is doing a “showerpooling” water conservation campaign with a video narrated by “Twilight’s” Nikki Reed and stops at 10 college campuses, including a visit to Northwestern University planned for October 17.

The campaign centers around a pledge at to install water-efficient showerheads (which AXE will give out to college students for free), reduce shower time to five minutes or less and, of course, invite a friend into the shower. Those who take the online pledge are eligible to win prizes.

Their slogan: “It’s not just environmentally-friendly. It’s all kinds of friendly.”

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