Someday All The Adults Will Die!

Didja ever think Punk Rock would affect art as we know it? Be considered a “major influence”  on how imagery evolved throughout the 70’s and 80’s? How could it not?  Punk visual art can include anything from crudely scribbled letters to shockingly jarring figures drawn with sharp points everywhere. Often images and figures are cut and pasted from magazines to create a scene and the colors are often two tone and deeply contrasting.

The main aesthetic of punk art seems to be to either shock, create a sense of empathy or revulsion, make a grander point with an acidic or sarcastic wit, poke fun at politics, political factions, or social factions.

An upcoming exhibition at the Haywood Gallery in London titled “Someday All the Adults Will Die!”  shows how the movement affected illustration, art and print just as much as sales of tartan trousers. The exhibit begins this weekend and runs through October.

Some of the pieces featured in this exhibit are shown here.


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