Unlimited Vacation Policies, For One

What’s new in the hiring-and-firing world? Dr. John Sullivan has discovered interesting answers in articles appearing on ERE.net, the top online hangout for recruiting professionals.

Dr. Sullivan, well known in the human resource career field, is a management professor at San Francisco State University. Here are some creative ways companies are going about recruiting talent and weeding out the bad ones.

TECH SIMULATIONS. How a candidate would handle a real problem at work can be evaluated through simulations of the problem. Accounting giant KPMG has developed an electronic management simulation that allows the company to assess second-round candidates on their ability to solve real problems they would face if hired.

UNLIMITED VACATION POLICIES. Netflix and several startups have begun to offer employees unlimited amounts of vacation and sick leave. The bold approach treats employees like mature adults who know how to manage how much time they spend away from work. Management’s rationale: By offering compelling work and performance-based pay, the positive incentives may actually drive employees to work more hours.

LIMITED-TERM EMPLOYEE CONTRACTS. In Atlantic City, N.J., Revel casino and hotel required many new hires who were to interact with customers to sign employment contracts with a limit of four to five years. After the contract expires, an employee must formally reapply to be hired again. The rationale: Employees dealing with the public are more likely to remain productive and customer-friendly without a guarantee of job security.

Be prepared for anything while searching for a job. You just may encounter one of these practices in the company you aspire to join.



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