Paying for Facebook

They said it would never happen. Pay for Facebook? But nobody said you couldn’t, if you wanted to. Facebook Inc. is letting users in the United States pay a fee to boost the visibility of their postings on the social network, the company’s latest effort to look beyond advertisers for revenue.

The promoted-posts-for-users feature, which Facebook began offering as a test on Wednesday to a limited number of its U.S. users, ensures that a comment or photo shared by a Facebook member gets prominent billing in their friends’ newsfeeds.

The paid postings will be visible on the desktop and mobile versions of the social network. Facebook will place the paid-for postings towards the top of people’s newsfeeds for a limited period of time. Facebook’s newsfeed typically displays content by freshness and relevance.

How much would you pay to be certain your posts are being viewed by your friends?┬áThe current test price in the United States is $7, according to a Facebook spokesman. Maybe it’s worth it for everyone to be certain to see your latest post of the family mutt hugging the family cat while in peaceful slumber. Wouldn’t want to miss that.

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