Switchfoot on “Fading West”

Switchfoot is in a position of transition as they’re coming to a close with touring their latest album, Vice Verses, and looking forward to working on their ambitious film/album/soundtrack combo already titled, Fading West. Switchfoot bassist Tim Foreman talked with Alternative Addiction about looking back on Vice Verses and looking forward to Fading West.

“It definitely represents a set of songs and production that essentially embodies where we’re at as a band right now,” said Foreman, on where he’d rank Vice Verses among Switchfoot albums. “Some of the other albums were recorded ten years ago, so it’s kind of a difficult comparison. When you give them a little more time to breathe it’s a little easier to pick out which ones stand the test of time. Right now though, it’s certainly one of my favorite albums of ours that we’ve ever done.”

After completing their tour in November,  the band is going to place all of their focus on making the music for Fading West, the group’s upcoming film.

“It’s a film that follows us all around the world playing music and surfing,” an excited Foreman noted while speaking of the movie. “We’re completely finished filming it and it turned out way better than any of us could have ever imagined. Now we’re doing a soundtrack to it, which has always been a dream of ours. It poses some exciting new challenges, but when we’re done it will be a proper album with about 13 songs on it.”

There’s no definite form of distribution for Fading West yet, the band will go through those options when they’re done with the creative process of making the music and putting everything together.



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