Ultimate Coffeemaker For Control Freaks

For the price tag, the coffee better be the most exquisite tasting ever brewed. Named more like a rocket ship than a Mr. Coffee competitor, the Blossom One Limited is, in fact, a gorgeous, $11,000 coffee machine.

An apparent improvement-by-miles on the simple, mundane kitchen coffee machine, the Blossom One Limited was designed and developed by three impressively-credentialed young coffeephiles — all recent university grads with stints at Apple, NASA, BMW, and Tesla Motors on their collective résumés.

Why the Blossom One Limited? Too much variation in the copious amounts of coffee consumed during late night study sessions.

And so Jeremy Kuempel, President of Blossom One Limited, then a thermodynamic engineering student at MIT, set out to define what was causing these slight variations in the quality of his coffee. After much experimentation, controlling for the beans and amount of water he was using, he found that there were essentially six variables in the coffee-making process that determine the flavor, aroma, and level of perfection of a given serving of joe. They are (get out your pad and paper, coffee snobs): temperature of the water; amount of agitation (stirring) over the course of the preparation; ratio of coffee to water; pressure; and amount of time the coffee is in contact with the water.

The Blossom One Limited controls all that. But with the price tag, I would expect to only find this machine in the most discerning coffee drinker’s kitchen. Remember the percolator?



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