Use Protection While F-booking

The bottom line: If you have something to hide, DON’T PUT IT ON FACEBOOK. Do not chat inappropriately. Do not post secrets. Do not THIS. Do not THAT. You never know if somehow your deepest secrets will “accidentally” become fodder for the masses to enjoy.

The social network has offered a growing array of options and settings to control privacy, particularly for what shows up on your own page, which Facebook now calls your ‘Timeline’.

But one thing you can’t control as well is what your friends post about you. Your best bet? Only post what you WANT people to think you are, not who you REALLY are. Sugarcoat it. Lie. Force the rated “G”. That way, when you run for Congress “they” will have nothing to get you on.

But have you totally protected yourself? Probably not. Maintaining your reputation and credibility as an upstanding citizen (if it matters to you) is not as easy as you might think. The Wall Street Journal has identified three loopholes you may not have thought of where leaks of your dark side could surface without your knowledge. Be educated. As for past transgressions, all you can do is hope and pray that your secrets remain, well, secret. Forevermore.


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