Worth Gets Scarier Than Normal This Weekend!

Lots of suburbs will be celebrating Halloween this weekend with events…Q101 is spotlighting one that has been especially supportive to us over the past 15 months (plus, Harold is a southsider at heart):  The Village of Worth.  They have an event called “Haunts Against Hunger” happening this Sunday, 10/28/12 at 5pm that you should check out with your kids!  First things first: Come in costume and with some non-perishable food in hand.  You will be rewarded for your good deeds:  The “Haunt” begins at the Worth Village Hall (7112 West 111th Street, Worth, IL)  with a visit from The Reaper (Think: Joakim Noah only with better hands and rattier clothes on…I kid, I kid…think of that giant ghoul from “Scrooged”) and then the kids are escorted by the Worth Police (Remember when they did that for you that one time?  This time it will actually be fun!) AND hearses from LasRydes Hearse Club for a haunted tour of Worth’s creepier decked out denizens.  Food and drink await you at the end.  The weather will be pretty good Sunday so check this event out!   More info can be had here:  http://villageofworth.com/Worth/HauntsAgainstHunger/index.html

Organizers say their goal is to raise awareness and donations for the Food Pantry at the Worth Methodist Church at 7100 W. 112th Street. Food donations may be brought to this event or dropped off prior in the Village Hall or Police Station.

They are primarily looking to accept canned or nonperishable foods like macaroni and cheese, tuna, peanut butter and cereal. For the holidays, the pantry is requesting items for Thanksgiving and Christmas such as side dishes, stuffing mixes, mashed potatoes, jellos, sweet potatoes, cranberries, gravy, cake mixes and frostings. This year we are also collecting donations of pet food! If it is raining heavy at the time of our event, we are moving all activities to the Worth Methodist Church located at 7100 W. 112th Street.

Thanks to primary organizer Officer Anthony Ritz for his support of Q101, and for letting the Q101 Mobile Command Center of Death, Destruction, Terror, and Mayhem FLY down 111th!

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