Alternative Thanks

Who says you have to eat this bird, the turkey, on Thanksgiving? It IS a free country, so it should mean Americans are free to choose whatever the heck they want to eat on this most excellent four day weekend holiday (for some).

Skip the turkey altogether and opt for a non turkey Thanksgiving. Food blogger Simply Recipes has many great options to choose from.

It’s a good chance this meal would be on Ted Nugent’s Thanksgiving table: Venison Sauerbraten. All you need to do is bag a deer first, preferably BEFORE Thanksgiving Day. Sauerbraten, a classic German pot roast, was, apparently, originally designed for venison. It is not a “simple” alternative by any means, but you aren’t looking for the easy way out, right? Get the Venison Sauerbraten recipe by Simply Recipes.

If killing just ain’t right, no matter WHAT the holiday, take the road the Smiths did all those years ago with a ‘killer’ vegetable lasagna. Meat IS Murder, no two ways about it. Morrissey would be proud to serve this at his table at Thanksgiving. That is, if he was American and IF he celebrated Thanksgiving. You can brood and pout around your kitchen, reflecting on the burdens of your past or doomed relationships while making this Vegetable Lasagna.

For more recipes of tasty alternative Thanksgiving food, READ HERE.

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