Get Outta My Head, Jack White!

I heard the clip from Jack White’s new song “Blues on Two Trees” and promptly hated it. Ten minutes later I couldn’t get the flippin’ tune out of my head.

Jack White busting a rhyme? That’s right, the former White Stripes singer raps on a recording for the first time ever on ‘Blues on Two Trees,’ the B-side to his forthcoming single ‘I’m Shakin’.’  Two Trees’ kicks off as a standard blues-infused garage-rock tune, but before long, it takes a turn for the strange, with White eventually rapping at the mic. “Three trees lying on the side of the road / One tree barks, ‘Where the hell do we go?” he rhymes at one point, offering up a typically eccentric take.

Give it a try, share my joy/misery!

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