Resume Writing In the Online World

Technology has transformed much of the job application process over the last decade. Slow to catch up is the text based resume. ┬áBut things are a-changin’ with the rise of QR codes and hyperlinks, applicant-tracking systems (which companies use to search resumes by keyword), and new informal guidelines from recruiters.

Keywords. Keywords may be the “key” to keeping your resume in the “loop” and from being automatically and electronically dumped. And placement of those near the top of your resume are increasingly becoming the norm. According to Sal Loukos, a resume screener at Seven Step RPO, a recruitment process outsourcing firm, an average of 6.25 seconds is spent on each resume. That is the time it takes for the decision to be made if a candidate fits the job description and can move on to the next step in the process.

Experience. Any job hunter would be better off by communicating some of the benefits and advantages that can be brought to the table – as the RESULT of your experience as listed in your resume.

For better results in snagging an interview, READ MORE. Good luck!

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