Who Stole My Nuts?

Hot nuts!

Gittin’ num on the down low. Do YOU know where your nuts have been?

Authorities are investigating two thefts of more than 80,000 pounds of walnuts from Northern California valued at about $300,000.

A 40,000 lb. truckload of walnuts bound for Miami never arrived at its final destination. Several days earlier, another 40,000 truckload headed for Texas was picked up and never delivered. Authorities believe the same person heisted both trucks.

Northern California deputies have not identified the suspect although they do have a suspect description. In both cases, the driver is described as about 6 feet, 2 inches, and weighing 198 pounds, and he’s said to speak with a “very distinctive Russian accent,” deputies said. The man somehow got the correct purchase numbers to show the companies in order to pull off the theft, they said.

If you are approached on a street corner by some shady dude with a foreign accent wearing a long trench coat asking if you want to see their nuts, run! It could be the thief trying to unload his goods on you, a poor unsuspecting victim.

Shipping security procedures at the NUT HOUSE have been changed this week. It should be tougher to get those round balls of heaven onto the wrong path, heading for parts unknown.



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