Facebook: Your Opinion Mattered Not

Facebook has made it official: Its users will no longer get a vote in how the giant social network handles their personal information.

And the votes that they did cast over the past week rejecting Facebook’s proposed changes to privacy policies will not count. Facebook said Tuesday it has already adopted the policy changes.

An external auditor reviewed and confirmed the final results, Facebook said. Nearly 669,000 Facebook users voted, most of them opposed to the policy changes, including taking away their right to vote on policy changes. Yet that was less than 1% of the 1 billion Facebook users around the globe, and Facebook requires 30% of users to cast ballots for the vote to be binding. That means 300 million users would have had to vote.

In comments on Facebook, users didn’t take the news too well.

“Wow, just wow. Don’t ask people to vote, then completely ignore their voices,” wrote Daniel Horton.

Cindy Storm complained that the polls “were hard to locate and rarely worked.”

Others complained that Facebook did not do enough to get out the vote.

But Elliot Schrage, vice president of communications, public policy and marketing, said in a┬áblog post┬áthat Facebook made “substantial efforts to inform our users and encourage them to vote, both through emails and their news feeds.”

My question on Facebook privacy? How were the comments (above) from Daniel and Cindy obtained? I’m on Facebook every day and was never clued in there was a vote. Scary…



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